Meet the Team

 Photo by Jana V

Photo by Jana V

You Are Worthy of
Knowing You Are Beautiful

Hiii, I’m Ashlee! My journey in photography began with the loss of my mother and the realization of how few photos I had of her. After college, my goal was to help people exist in photos not only for their loved ones but especially for themselves! I started with family photography but that wasn’t my passion; I moved to modern portraits which was close but still not what I was looking for. Then I hired my first boudoir photographer for myself.. and I knew I had to share the feeling I experienced with as many others as I possibly could. Thus, Embrace was born! I want you to know that I will work within your comfort level always. I understand how important your boudoir photographs are now and will be to you in the future, so I take on a limited number of clients each year so that I can provide the best possible service to each of the brave, bad-ass peeps who walk through my door!

A little about me-

“That should be in my job description: empowering women 1 wedgie at a time!” - Me

I bring a calm energy to my photoshoots.. I get lots of compliments about how at comfy the atmosphere is! 
I live by Mister Rogers’ philosophy of love and acceptance. 
I don’t get baby fever, I get weenie dog fever! I have 2 of my own and I’m totally obsessed!
Texas cheese fries are my go-to comfort food and I looove dirty chai lattes & salted caramel frappucinos. 
I enjoy losing myself in a good book or watching a movie, especially superhero ones.
I’m a gamer! Video games, table top games, role playing games… you name it!
My hubby & I are Supernatural fans; our friend's kid performed Carry On My Wayward Son on his viola for our mountaintop wedding ceremony. <3

Places you can find me online: boudie tribe  ♥  facebook  ♥  instagram  ♥  pinterest

Meet the Embrace Team!


Love yourself first and everything else falls into place! -Lucille Ball

Hey there, I'm Angelina (of Bellezze di Angelina) and I'm the makeup artist at Embrace Boudoir! 

Personally, makeup has always been an artistic outlet. Using it to transform my shell from one person to another every day. When I finally decided to take the leap and become a professional, is when I realized just how much of an impact my art can have on others. When I meet the clients I glam up for Ashlee’s shoots, they are almost always shaking with nerves. They sit in my chair and immediately start to apologize for their breakouts, untamed brows and childhood scars. I brush their concerns to the side as I get to work not to hide their “flaws”, but accentuate all the beauty they already hold.

My favorite part is when we do the reveal after hair and makeup. The part when they look in the mirror and see themselves as the hottie they are, hot and ready for the camera, they immediately begin to glow. This is what I live for. The glow. Not the artificial glow I applied, but the natural glow they gain when they feel like a goddess. The glow they can carry with them into that studio to shoot and feel like the sultry vixen they are!

Fun Facts: 

I’ve been crocheting since I was 8.
I had five kids in four years.
I know every word to every Eminem song ever!

You can find me on Facebook and Instagram!


Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.- George Addair

Whaddup, I’m Keelena! I am the resident Boobsistant and photo retoucher at Embrace!

I help Ashlee and her clients out around the studio. Need some Starbucks? I got you. Need a cheerleader? Das me! I move stuff. I catch falling lights in a flash (true story). Annnnnd yeah. I really love working at Embrace because it’s a very positive environment and I get to meet the most beautiful people inside and out!

I discovered Embrace the same way I’m sure most of you reading this have: through the Facebook Boudie Tribe group! I watched Ash work for about a year and randomly reached out to see if she’d have some coffee with me… I SUCCEEDED! I scored a friend and an awesome new boss! If you’ve been considering a shoot with Embrace, STOP CONSIDERING AND START DOING! Seriously, you won’t regret it. I can’t wait to meet you!

Stuff & Things:


I’ll teach you how to do the Turtle and the Squinch!!!
I am a Potato. So is my cat.
Speaking of my cat, his name is Porter and I’m obsessed with him.
I enjoy eating Texas Cheese Fries with Ashlee (it’s how we bond).
I am the Punmeister.
I am an artist at heart! I enjoy pour painting, drawing, and any kind of crafts!
Check out my sick dance moves… ;)