Mombod Project

Mombod Project


Pregnancy and childbirth is life-changing. One of the most common complaints I hear before sessions is about postpartum tums, stretch marks, cellulite, etc and how much of a negative impact these natural bodily changes effects day-to-day confidence. I believe that moms should exist in photos both for themselves and for their loved ones.

That’s where the Mombod Project comes in.

I would like to offer a limited number of complimentary 5 to 10-minute photoshoots to recent postpartum moms.
These photos will be 99% photoshop free. You will receive a couple of digital files at no charge.

Recent postpartum moms (6 months or less).
Session will need to take place on a weekday.
Must sign an image release allowing me to use the images for my project.
Must wear a black bra & panty set. Hair & Makeup is completely up to you.

Caution: For those struggling with body image issues, eating disorders, etc: if you feel that participating in this project may trigger negative habits, I urge you not to apply.