Payment Plans

The most difficult part of a boudoir session is narrowing down your images, which is why I offer a super easy payment plan - so you can take home #allofthethings!

PP Eligibility Requirements: 

  • To be eligible for a payment plan your order must exceed $1200.
  • If you opt for a payment plan, a 10% convenience fee will be added to your order. 
  • You'll need to pay 1/6th of your balance up front. 

PP Terms & Conditions: 

  • Including your down payment, you can pay for a maximum of 6 months.
  • You must provide a primary card to be charged automatically. You may not use a card that is due to expire within the time frame of your payments. It is your responsibility to contact SYP if your card is updated/replaced.
  • Your payments will be scheduled for the 1st or the 15th (or both) of each month - whichever works best for you! If your payment method is declined, the late fee policy is brought into effect immediately. 
  • Late payments are subject to a 30% (of payment due) late fee penalty PLUS 10% (of payment due) for each day it remains unpaid. Should you go 14 days without making your payment, your order will be sent to an archive for 60 days. To retrieve your order from archive, there is a $300 archival retrieval fee AND you will be required to pay your balance in full (including any previously acquired late fees). Archived orders are PURGED after sixty days - i.e. will not be retrievable, and all payments are forfeit. Clients who default on payments are no longer eligible for payment plans for future sessions. 

Your purchase will be designed and ordered from artisan labs upon receipt of full payment. Depending on your purchase, it may take up to 6 weeks to receive your products.