What to Expect from Start to Finish

  • Empowerment sessions take place on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning, starting at 10 am and ending a bit after noon.

  • The session fee goes toward reserving your appointment with Ashlee, Angelina, and Keelena (your photographer, makeup artist, and shoot assistant).

  • At booking, you will receive our exclusive preparation & lingerie guides to help you get ready for your session!

  • You will have access to our backup bodysuit closet and accessory armoire, as well.

  • You will get our custom Bombshell look, including: full coverage airbrush, contour, lips, eye makeup, and optional fake lashes as well as loose wavy curls!

  • Approximately 2 weeks after your session, you will be invited to schedule your virtual ordering appointment.

  • You will need a high speed WiFi connection AND one of the following: a phone with the Zoom meeting app, or a computer equipped with a mic/webcam.

  • We perform only basic adjustments on reveal proofs, but we do provide 3 signature edits so you can see what your artwork will look like.

  • We will go through your images individually; you are encouraged to say YES! to as many photos as you want to on the first round.

  • From there we will determine which Collection works best for you based on the # of images chosen; you are welcome to narrow down if necessary.

  • Once you’ve made final decisions about your Collection, we will go over the sale agreement and set up your invoice to be signed & paid before the call ends.

  • It will take approximately 4-8 weeks for your order to be fulfilled (this gives us time to finish signature editing, designing artwork, placing lab orders, shipping, and passing quality checks).

Session Fee: 300 (photos not included).

Collections range from 899 to 1999 plus tax.